Large Quarters of Wagyu/Angus Cross Beef


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We have a large steer that just came back that produced over 600 lbs of glorious, tender, marbled American Wagyu beef from our own herd. I sold1 quarter but have 3 quarters left that I’m selling at the whole beef rate, or $1485 for 150 lbs. That’s less than $10 per pound for 1.25 inch thick ribeye steaks, sirloin steaks, t-bone steaks, chuck steaks 3/4 inch, roasts, Asian short ribs, 1 tenderloin steak, and ground. There is an option of a full brisket 11 lbs, or 11 lbs of tri-tip, flank, flap, and skirt steak.  Delivered free on the Wasatch Front, or for $200 extra to adjoining states and Oregon/Washington.

Weight 150 lbs


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