Our Practices

Our Cattle

We strive to gently handle our livestock and have designed our corral and working facilities with the principles of Temple Grandin. We keep noise to a minimum.

We never use hormones and if we need to use an antibiotic, we do not sell that cow under our label. 

We practice rest/rotational grazing on our pastures both private and public land. 

Our stocker cattle are fattened in pastures and are supplemented with grain to finish. 

At the Butcher

We use local butchers with USDA inspection. 

After slaughter, beef is dry aged two  weeks to start the curing process and make the beef more tender. 

This is followed by the beef being cut up and packaged according  to your taste. Or you can use Alan’s recommendation of 1 inch steaks and Asian ribs.  Unfortunately you cannot get all steaks out of the animal; usually 20% Steak, 30% roasts, 10% short ribs, 40% ground and other things like soup bone, brisket, stew meat, etc. 


On the left, the beaver dam analog (BDA) holds water back and prevents stream erosion while creating a home for wildlife. In the past 22 years of managing Bennion Ranch, we have worked government agencies. Because we live in an area with the threatened  Western Sage Grouse, in 2007 we put together a comprehensive plan to remove Juniper, reseed rangeland, build fences, fencing off streams, placing troughs away from creek, manage grazing, address erosion, building BDAs, etc. Our first NCRS project had 22 different projects to implement. About that time we were named Ranchers of the Year by the Society for Range Management. Elizabeth organized a meeting with local rancher to let them know about agency programs to help them accomplish conservation projects. 

Why Support Local Agriculture

Buying local beef supports local ranchers that are working to improve the rangeland for multi-use recreation, grazing, and wildlife. 

Ranching has been a partnership between Alan and Elizabeth, their children, extended family members, summer labor, government agencies, USDA-FS, NRCS, lending agencies, UDFA Grazing Improvement Program, Utah’s Own, UDWR, Vernon Irrigation Company, and Wildlife groups. 

SRM Ranchers of the Year


22 Years Experience

True Love

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