From our ranch beneath the Sheeprock Mountains

Quality Wagyu/Angus Beef

Bennion Beef Products

Half and Quarter Beef

You decide how it is cut: steak thickness, roast size, short ribs, special cuts, brisket. Typically, the beef are 20 percent steak, 30 percent roast, 10 percent short ribs, and 40 percent ground-stew-soup bone-brisket. Whole and quarter beef also available. We charge based on the hanging weight of the carcass (usually 400 lb) plus processing at the butcher.

2022 Prices
$4.75/lb hanging weight
$280-340 process
Total is approx. $2200 for 240 lb net.

You see from the above example that the final weight price will be between $9-10/lb.

Variety Box 10-lb

Wagyu beef is known for it's marbling, tenderness, and flavor but perhaps you want to try before buying. You can order a 10'-lb box that has a 2 steaks, a roast, other cuts, and ground. Foodandmeat handles our sales and delivers monthly along the Wasatch front in Utah. Special requests with overnight shipping are also possible if you pay the shipping .


We sell American Wagyu beef strip jerky directly through the mail. Cut from the round, it has the smooth fat of the Am. Wagyu. Price for this high quality is $10 for a 4 oz package. Five pkgs for $45 plus shipping. Flavors Original, Pepper, Teriyaki, and Sweet & Hot.

We absolutely LOVE Elizabeth and Alan Mitchell. They know every single one of their cows by name and treat them with great respect from birth to finish.

Dorothy Tester Schafer



Daughter returns home to ancestral ranch

Her faithful collie Nurk by her side, Elizabeth checks on the cows. In 1997, her husband and 5 genius children joined her in a quest to restore the ranch which had been in her family since pioneer times (5 generations). They remodeled the house, reclaimed fields that had been taken over by brush, built 16 miles of fence, cleared cedar trees, replanted range ground, grew range grass seed, put in trough and waterlines, built a hoop house garden, …



Uncle Bob Bennion was one of our inspirations when returning to the ranch because he had grown up here and other parts of the west desert of Utah. His great-grandfather John Bennion began a grazing outpost in the1860s. His grandfather, Israel Bennion, developed various ranches in the valley and finally settled below Greenjacket Hill and built a house in 1916–the house we live in today. His son, Glynn Bennion, ranched in Indian Springs and Riverbed, and at Greenjacket. Next was Colin Bennion, who ran Greenjacket while living in Vernon, six miles away. Elizabeth and her husband Alan moved to Vernon in 1997, restored the ranch house in 2000, and took over full control of the ranch in 2001. 


Our Ethic

Our herd. Genetics for Quality. No hormones. No anti-biotics. Gentle handling. Rotational grazing, Wildlife friendly. Regenerative agriculture. Pasture raised and grain finished.