From our ranch beneath the Sheeprock Mountains

Quality Wagyu/ Angus Beef

A mix of pioneer heritage and new ideas, we take Japanese Wagyu bulls and breed them to our black Angus herd. which produces American Wagyu beef with a blend of heartiness and silky fat. Winners of the 2023 Leopold Conservation Award for the State of Utah, we were recognized for improving range vegetation to enhance sage grouse, wild turkey, deer, and other species. We practice regenerative agricultural principles on our irrigated pastures. And we like to sell direct to customers who become friends. 

Bennion Beef Products
Quality genetics, no hormones, no antibiotics, no MRNA vaccines, rotational grazing, & regenerative agriculture.

Over twenty pounds (20 lb) of natural, local, delicious American Wagyu steak, bratwurst, and Bennion beef brisket bacon burgers from the award-winning Bennion Ranch.  All beef is the Wagyu/Angus cross for which we are known. You will get:

Ribeye steaks, T-bone steaks, Sirloin or chuck steaks, Short ribs for making Korean BBQ Kalbi ribs, Bratwurst, Burgers, Bennion Beef Brisket Bacon for a burger with a smokey brisket taste.

These prize cuts should retail for over $424 but we will package 20 lbs for the amazing low price of $289, INCLUDING shipping within Utah. Other states will have a surcharge of $50 for overnight shipping. 

American Wagyu. Whole, half, or quarter Wagyu Angus Cross Beef

True to its elevated status of quality and taste, Wagyu is considered a luxury meat that contains endless amounts of marbling which lend to its tenderness and flavor. With proper and humane care for the animal and cooked to perfection, these high-end characteristics give an incomparable flavor and texture that cannot be matched by any other meat on the market. Typically our whole and half beef are cut to 20% steak, 30 % roast, 10 % short ribs, and 40 % ground beef, stew meat, soup bone, and brisket. Available now! 

Ten Pound Variety Box

Our 10 lb Variety Boxes are distributed monthly by The Food and Meat Co-op along the Wasatch Front and in Idaho. They contain 2 to 3 lbs ground beef, and 7 lbs of specialty cuts, and two cuts will be steaks. You can also order from our store and pay a shipping fee. 

Wagyu Angus Cross Sliced Beef Jerky Bennion Beef

Sliced Beef Strip Jerky

We sell our superior quality American Wagyu beef strip jerky directly through the mail. Cut from the round, it has the smooth fat of the American Wagyu and tastes amazing.

Goat Meat from Loder's Meat Company

Savor the nutrient rich flavor of pasture-raised goat from our neighbor in Vernon, Utah. Stephanie ships nationwide. 

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Daughter returns home to ancestral ranch

Her faithful collie Nurk by her side, Elizabeth checks on the cows. In 1997, her husband and 5 genius children joined her in a quest to restore the ranch which had been in her family since pioneer times (5 generations). They remodeled the house, reclaimed fields that had been taken over by brush, built 16 miles of fence, cleared cedar trees, replanted range ground, grew range grass seed, put in trough and waterlines, built a hoop house garden, …



Uncle Bob Bennion was one of our inspirations when returning to the ranch because he had grown up here and other parts of the west desert of Utah. His great-grandfather John Bennion began a grazing outpost in the1860s. His grandfather, Israel Bennion, developed various ranches in the valley and finally settled below Greenjacket Hill and built a house in 1916–the house we live in today. Israel’s son, Glynn Bennion, ranched in Indian Springs and Riverbed, and at Greenjacket. Next was Colin Bennion, who ran Greenjacket while living in Vernon, six miles away. Elizabeth and her husband Alan moved to Vernon in 1997, restored the ranch house in 2000, and took over full control of the ranch in 2001. 


Our Ethic

Only sell from our herd. Use genetics selected for Quality. No hormones. No anti-biotics. No mRNA vaccines. Gentle handling. Rotational grazing, Wildlife friendly. Regenerative agriculture. Pasture raised and grain finished. 

Elementor #2691

Bennion Lamb? That’s right! Elizabeth started a small herd last year by combining a couple of our own with a gift from our neighbor. Suddenly

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The Best/Worst of Times

2023 was the worst of times; it was the best of times (Charles Dickens). Late February brought us unprecedented snow and drifts. At one time

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Happy Customers

Alan Foutz

Oh. My. Gosh. My entire family extends their heartfelt thanks for an amazing steak - eating experience. Some we brought to an internal temp of about 120 in the oven then slapped them onto the flat-top grill for a quick sear. Some we smoked (over considerable objection by some who only smoke “lesser” cuts of beef). Both were super flavorful and super tender. THANKS!

Ellie Taylor

Delightful humans and excellent service. You can tell they truly care about people and their animals. We’ve gotten beef from them for two years now and will never go back to grocery store beef again. We’ve done multiple blind taste tests comparing local meats, other small farms as well as generic grocery store beef brands and everyone prefers this every single time. It is far more flavorful and delicious than anything I’ve had! Highly highly recommend.

Jacob Fellows

Got the ground beef delivered, is extremely delicious, juicy. Salt and pepper grilled mmmmmnnm!!! Best burger I have ever made. Also the Jerky is awesome, I got the sweet peppered. Love it. Came shipped in an insulated box nice and tight and cold.

Dorothy Tester Shafer

We absolutely LOVE Elizabeth and Alan Mitchell. They know every single one of their cows by name and treat them with great respect from birth to finish.

Steve Tabarez

This beef is absolutely delicious! There’re times I’ll be cooking it in a pan on the stove for tacos and end up eating it right out of the pan with nothing--it’s so good!! Yum.

Justin Roundy

Outstanding tender meat!!!!!!! Loved it.

Tamra Watson

Bennion Beef has amazing tender Angus-Wagyu beef at a reasonable price. It's convenient to order their product via the Ogden Food and Meat Cooperative.

Spencer Shiotani

Bought a half a cow and it was delivered right to our door! Great beef and love that they are local and family owned. Their Asian rib recipe is fantastic!

Lindsay Ashton

My family and I have been debating whether to purchase a “cow” for a long time. Alan was great and walked us through the process. It was painless and the beef is the best meat I have eaten in years. I highly recommend giving them a call and arranging a beef delivery from them. You will not be disappointed.

Zach Petersen

We have ordered beef jerky and some steaks from them. They have been great to work with. I will now get my all my beef from Bennion!

Jill Schiddel

Wonderful prices, great cuts of meat, and delivery to my door. The communication between the farmer and myself is smooth, easy, and he provides ample clarity. He answers questions I have and is very respectful. I have purchased from them 2 years in a row and will continue to do so. The flavor of the Wagyu is wonderful. You can taste the diffence in purchasing from here vs the grocery stores. I'll never buy beef anywhere else.

Elementor #2691

Bennion Lamb? That’s right! Elizabeth started a small herd last year by combining a couple of our own with a gift from our neighbor. Suddenly

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The Best/Worst of Times

2023 was the worst of times; it was the best of times (Charles Dickens). Late February brought us unprecedented snow and drifts. At one time

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