Elementor #2691

Bennion Lamb?

That’s right! Elizabeth started a small herd last year by combining a couple of our own with a gift from our neighbor. Suddenly we are small-time in the sheep business and have been fattening some lambs that are now 9 months old and will be ready for Easter. 

What do you get with lamb?

Leg of Lamb roast. Lamb chops. Rack of Lamb ribs. Lamb shank. Ground Lamb burger. 


How much does it cost?

Five hundred dollars $500 which includes the processing costs. Our lambs are going to weigh 70 lbs hanging weight and net 50 lbs of meat. That’s $10 per lb. 

Isn't that expensive?

Not really. Not compared to the flavor. There’s nothing like a good leg-of-lamb roast that is roasted with lots of garlic cloves and served with mint jelly. Nothing like a broiled lamb chop with the greasy taste it leaves in your mouth. Nothing like shish kabob lamb chunks with all that flavor. 


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