Wagyu Angus Cross Whole or 1/2 beef **DEPOSIT**


Whole or half American Wagyu Angus Beef.  Regenerative ranching. Field to table. Utah Beef = delicious, mouthwatering meals.

Marbling = Mouthwatering.

True to its elevated status of quality and taste, Wagyu is considered a luxury meat. It contains endless amounts of marbling which lends to its tenderness and flavor. With proper and humane care to the animal and cooked to perfection, these high-end characteristics give an incomparable flavor and texture that cannot be matched by any other meat on the market.

This is a deposit for one whole or half (1/2) Wagyu Angus Cross Whole Beef delivered to you cut, wrapped and frozen.

$5.00/lb hanging weight + processing fee (cut, wrap and freeze).

Since people have asked, the price of a half beef American Wagyu is running (September 2023) about $2400 for beef weighing over 400 lbs hanging weight. If you and I agree, we can just call that the set price. The yield is at least 240 lbs final weight, or about $10 per lb overall. Call me to confirm. 

***Deposit is non-refundable.




Whole Beef Deposit, Half Beef Deposit


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