Cut of the Week WAGYU/Angus Cross Ground Beef $70 + $29 overnight shipping



Don’t buy cheap ground beef for six dollars, buy Bennion Beef Wagyu/Angus Cross ground beef for $7!

This is the softest, juiciest, fanciest, most nutritious ground beef on our planet, solar system, and possibly the galaxy. For a limited time I’m dropping the price of 10 lbs ground from $8 to $7 per pound, plus $29 shipping. Great in sauces like spaghetti or stroganoff! Tender enough to grill like a steak. Top with fried onion. And OH! the meatballs and meatloaf!

Many of my half beef customers comment on the hamburger as the best EVER!

Ten lbs for $70 plus $29 shipping comes to $99. Use the ESPN 700 code for an additional $10 off. Save on a trip to the store and have it delivered to you doorstep.


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