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Local Pasture-raised Wagyu & Angus Beef

Why the Wagyu/Angus Cross Beef?

Here is a beef we fattened ourselves and just delivered to the butcher with ear tag W28. Carcass was 792 lb hanging weight, which is just right. Notice the large shoulders and brisket, as compared to the lighter rump—a characteristic of Wagyu cattle that came through on this crossbreed. Wouldn’t we all rather have more shoulder and loin than rump?

The Wagyu/Angus Cross  cattle are grass-fed for the first 6-8 months of their lives, then are grain-fed in pastures to maturity. Wagyu is a breed out of Japan that grades beyond prime due to its marbling and tenderness. We breed Wagyu bulls to our Angus cows to get a Wagyu/Angus cross calf that retains the hearty flavor of Angus, but also has the enhanced marbling and tenderness of Wagyu.

Our grass-fed grain-finished Angus are fed grain for the last 2-3 months of their lives, which gives a more tender and higher-quality cut of meat than when only grass-fed. We are planning to use barley grown on our own land for grain-finishing.

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